Friends of Te Waiora:

From the beginning the Trustees were greatly encouraged by the support received from the general public, with donations and gifts being received on a regular basis.

The formation of
'Friends of Te Waiora'  has created a support base on which so much of the ministry is dependent.

When the Trustees launched the appeal for funds to purchase the property, members of the media were invited.
The representative from TVNZ was most impressed with the concept, and indicated that at an appropriate time he would like to do a small feature. This was done in August 1986, and created a great deal of interest, and from it came many enquiries.

All who are associated with Te Waiora are committed to providing, within this troubled and hurting world, a place for rest and renewal for the whole person, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Their hope is that the
'love of God as expressed in Jesus Christ' may be seen through loving and caring attention for all who come to stay.

If you would be a 'Friend of Te Waiora', please contact our hosts,
tel: 03 318 0789, or use our 'Contact' page.
Anybody wishing to make a material donation / gift to the House or property (e.g. shrub, item of furniture, etc.), should submit their proposal to the Trust for its consideration.